Recording at the famous Rockfields studios!

JOANovARC are recording a new Album with producer ‘Gil Norton’ Foo fighters at the famous Rockfield studios. The Album will be released next year with a line up of singles throughout the Winter. 

The studio was used by some of the world’s biggest artists – Rush, Oasis, Iggy Pop, Simple Minds and by Queen for the recording of the greatest pop record of all times ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.
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Joanovarc performed live at the Borderline London for their 1986 TV show!

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JOANovARC performed live at
The Borderline London on
Tuesday 7th July 2015

1986 TV Trailer
TV Documentary ‘1986 Tour’
& night was hosted by
‘Nick Cotton’ ‘Eastenders’
and TV guests interviews included Jericho, Simply minds, Jonah Lewie, Bad company, Adam Barron BBC Voice, Girlschool, The Scorpions and Gil Norton ( Foo fighters producer)


National Press & radio !

” Best live band that I have seen in a long time! “

Stuart Epps – Record producer for Led Zeppelin, Oasis , Elton John…

“Their sound is stylish and powerful”

Malcolm Dome –
Classic Rock Magazine

“I love this singer! It sounds like it’s very easy for her to sing… There’s also a fat guitar tone that sounds like a plump nesting bird!”

Rock God Andrew W.K –
Kerrang Magazine

“These girls can shred!”
Bruce Dickinson – Iron Maiden

“Sounds wicked ! I really have a thing for joanovarc!

Annie nightingale – BBC Radio 1

” I love working with the girls! They have great energy ”

John Altman – BBC Eastenders Star
‘ Nick Cotton’