US Tour Viper Room


We would like to thank many of the JOANOVARC team for an amazing Californian tour.

Our trip was the start of amazing things to come for the band and our dream of performing on Sunset Blvd came true with a show at the famous The Viper Room and including shows in Long beach, Ventura, San Diego and Hollywood.

Thankyou to:

– Matt Hopper Overload Bookings for sheer determination and belief to make this happen.

– Tour manager Art Gonzales for looking after, organising and putting up with 4 crazy women for a whole 2 weeks.

Also a big Thank you to: promoters Andrew Bansal, Jason Tyler, Andy Ford for his LA radio extensive coverage on Dash Radio’s Los Anarchy, Reagan &Todd Gibson guitars Beverley Hills, James Evans, Loren Blackstar Amplification, Dave Swing House Studios, Will and Gonzo for the beautiful photos, all the metal bands for lending us extra equipment, the Love Zombies for the moral Support in the area and our new American fans. The Viper Room #HollywoodDreams

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