Awards 2017

JOANOVARC have just won Gold best soundtrack in the International Independent Film 🎥 Awards 2017! We are performing our Sound Tracks ‘Seeds of summer’ & ‘White Trash’ in the film ‘Is This Now’ premieres in New York City 🇺🇸in October!












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“A pleasure to work with in the studio, great musicians and one of the most hard working bands I know.” Gil Norton – Grammy-winning producer (Foo Fighters )
”I love working with the girls! They have great energy.” John Altman – EastEnders actor and musician
“Best live band that I have seen in a long time!” Stuart Epps – Record producer for Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Elton John and Robbie Williams.
“Their sound is stylish, powerful and certainly has a direct lineage to Girlschool and Rock Goddess. In fact, there’s a strong case for saying that this quartet are the natural successors to those two bands.” Malcolm Dome – Classic Rock magazine.
“I love this singer! It sounds like it’s very easy for her to sing. There’s also a fat guitar tone that sounds like a plump nesting bird!” Andrew W.K. – Rock musician (Kerrang! magazine)

“It’s great to hear really great melodies in JOANovARCs music. You don’t hear that too often in rock!”

Benji Skindred
“Sounds wicked! I really have a thing for JOANovARC!” Annie Nightingale – Radio 1
“These girls can shred!” Bruce Dickinson – Iron Maiden
“Totally mind blowing and it is no wonder that this band has been recently gigging on the European mainland. All the tracks are of a high calibre alternative rock style, with catchy melodies galore.” Dave Smith – Raven Heart Music “
I love the new track Peace of Mind.” Kelly Betts – BBC Introducing
“London’s JOANovARC kicked off the Wall Street main stage. The four ladies in the band played a terrific set of melodic rock music for the early crowd.” Katt Coffin Florida – Music festival press

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